This is a motiongraphic video for SOCIAL STATE, a book written by Esteban Contreras (@socialnerdia on Twitter), former Social Media Manager for Samsung USA, and current strategist serving Fortune 100s with enterprise SMMS tech startup [More]
UPDATE English subtitles now available (Thanks to Mariana Funes and Sebastián Rodriguez for your help!) CREDITOS Videos: A Game of Social Thrones – Hootsuite Google is Going to Blackmail You – CollegeHumor Twouble with Twitter [More] the landscape of recruiting changes, different methods are needed to reach talent, and social media is a key channel.? However, many HR and recruiting professionals are not equipped with the expertise to create a [More]
Hello Friends Swagat hai aapka TECH Arpit YouTube channel me, So guys aaj ke video ka Topic hai Social Media Manager Job ji ha Dosto Aaj is video me mene bataya hai ki social media [More] Media Marketing Workbook 2016 UPDATED: July, 2016 Learn how to market your business on Social Media for free! A best-selling social media marketing book from a best-selling author on Internet marketing: Jason McDonaldSocial media [More]
Kim Koch is a living mystery. He loves to DJ, but never really get any jobs. The family owned sandwich shop has gone bankrupt, so Kim is unemployed and has no money. In order NOT [More] – Online Money Making Opportunities 2011 – 2012 LOS ANGELES – CA – WORLDWIDE Online Money Making Opportunities are here go to This is the training you need to succeed in the money [More]
Bamboo Poles(Wholesale) Cane| Sticks-Solid Bamboo Iron-Wholesale,Constuction, Bamboo Tiki,Home vs Business Indoor Outdoor decorBamboo Poles| Cane| Sticks-Solid Bamboo Iron-Fence,Rafting,Railing,Constuction, Bamboo Tiki, Home and Business Indoor Outdoor décor, Patio, Gazebo,for trim and molding. High Quality Solid [More]
This is the profile for Taste of Home, one of three businesses nominated for “Business of the Year” by the Wylie Chamber of Commerce. This video, created by iPatch students Amy Crone and Nhat-Vy Pham-Vu, [More]
A look at how three food businesses use exclusively local ingredients. Featuring The Piggery Butcher & Deli, Mexeo and Wide Awake Bakery, all based in or around Ithaca, NY.