Conservative Outlet OAN Is About To Go Extinct

According to new reports, One America News (OAN) could be extinct in the very near future, as one of their remaining outlets – Verizon – gave notice that they will be pulling the network off their platform. Following DirecTV’s decision to do so earlier this year, Verizon is effectively delivering a death blow to the struggling network, and it is unlikely that they can survive without corporate distribution. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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The conservative media outlet. One American News also called own not to be confused with the Oprah win, uh, Winfrey network, but own is facing extinction right now. And it’s facing extinction for several reasons. The big one of course is the fact that they’re about to get pulled off of the last real service that they’re currently being carried on. And that is Verizon’s, uh, FIS operating system, which only has, it has a couple million subscribers. So I guess that’s pretty decent, but they have sent a letter, actually, they didn’t send a letter, excuse me. They sent a notification to the subscribers of Verizon FIS, letting them know that at the end of this month, the end of July own is gone. You’re not gonna have it anymore. We’re getting rid of it much like direct TV did earlier this year. So one America is going to lose a potential audience of millions of people.

Not that all of them were watching it, but a potential reach of millions of people. And they’re gonna be left on one network which is the Alaska based general communications incorporated, which has a little more than 100,000 subscribers, but they may also completely ditch cable TV for streaming. So it’s on like one cable network up in fricking Alaska. And even that one’s like, yeah, we’re probably, we’re probably done with that too. Nobody wants cable anymore. So one America, if Verizon does go through with pulling them off the network, it’s effectively dead, right? They’re already losing talent off the network. You know, morale is low, they’re losing money. And as equally important as it is to have them being pulled off these networks, they’re still facing a billion dollars, more than a billion in defamation lawsuits from the voting companies that they have been accused of defaming.

And as the president of media matters for America pointed out recently, I talked about it when it happened. There’s pretty much no way that one America could even survive those lawsuits, right. That News came out. What about a week and a half ago? And that was, of course before Verizon said, we’re done with you. So they’re gonna lose that. They lose the money off that they’re gonna lose advertisers because of it because their, you know, market share is gonna shrink down to virtually nothing. I mean, not even virtually nothing, their market share shrinks down to nothing. So they have nothing to pitch to advertisers, right? You gotta go to what, I guess, one America’s website to actually watch them do this. Maybe they’re YouTube channel. I don’t know how their distribution works, but they’re not gonna have anybody, which means they’re not gonna have any advertisers. And when you’re facing over a billion dollars in lawsuits, not to mention

All the costs, you’re going to have to pay for your legal fees. One America cannot stand, you know, a week and a half ago. Again, whenever it was that I did the segment talking about how they’re likely headed for extinction, then I predicted that they would be gone by the end of the year. Now, here we are, right. 10 days, 12 days, whatever it is later talking about the fact that they’re now being stripped off the only massive carrier that they’re still on. So I’m gonna maintain my prediction that they’re still around by the end of the year, but I’m also gonna add a new prediction to it too. I believe that the network is going to try to file for bankruptcy protection so that they do not have to pay out all these excessive fees that they will inevitably have to pay out. As a result of the defamation lawsuit, the bankruptcy filing is what they will then use to justify shutting the entire thing down. That is how I’m predicting this plays out. And again, I believe it will happen before the end of this year.

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