Why Christians Should Stop Being Nice & Start Getting REAL | Guest: Aaron Renn | Zero Hour | Ep 26

The anti-Christian movement grows worse in America. From the negative perceptions of megachurch leaders like Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, and Tim Keller to the culture war against modern organized religion, Christians are no longer viewed as a positive force for good but as a threat. BlazeTV host and editorial director of Return for Blaze Media James Poulos interviews American Reformer co-founder Aaron Renn, who addresses concerns about the so-called rise of Christian nationalism and why the mainstream media created hysteria over it. Renn provides solutions for Catholics and Protestants to peacefully push back against the creeping menace of woke ideology and bigotry against their faith. They also discuss FDR, the New Deal, Elon Musk, colonizing Mars, and the World Economic Forum on this episode of “Zero Hour.”

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