Whitlock: Black Men Are Coming Out of the Closet as REAL Men

Whitlock has been noticing a surprising new trend: Men are coming out of the closet. Black men. NBA star Kyrie Irving. Comedic superstar Dave Chappelle. Former NBA player-turned-YouTuber Kwame Brown. Whitlock stands with other black men who are finally escaping the cages that the matriarchy, the LGBTQ movement, and liberal orthodoxy constructed to tame, house, and emasculate them over the last six decades. Jason says that these men have started to see what is going on around them and are standing up against it. They are showing that men, black men in particular, can and will stand up and start speaking out after being silent for far too long. WATCH more Fearless with Jason Whitlock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-KRaH_Lm6A

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