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This film is a consolation for the girls who suffered as “comfort women” or Japanese military sex slaves during the war time when Korea was under control of Japan. It is a representation of the lost girlhood of the victims. The girls were mostly thirteen to seventeen years of age. Some were deceived believing they will be able to study at school or work at a factory. Others were kidnapped and threatened. They were taken to many different countries far from their home. Taken away from their families, freedom was never allowed. Every day and night in a small room, young girls were raped. The girls’ lives were broken into pieces and returning to normal life was only a dream. Meeting a loved one and having a family was not easily possible for these girls. The wound are kept unhealed even still now.

The fight for an apology has been continued over twenty years now. Even if it has been over twenty years, the girls are still alive. However, the country who destroyed the girls is still denying the history feeling no sympathy at all. In addition, an agreement was signed between Japan and Korea saying that Japan will pay a 95 million business fund to the comfort women foundation in Korea and that this issue will no longer be discussed between two countries. Even after this unjustifiable indulgence, the prime minister of Japan claimed that the fact of abduction was not true and that the women were voluntary prostitutes.

The voice is from an interview by “News Breakdown : The Witnesses.” that aired in January 2016. These were the last testimony by Hak Soon Kim before she passed away at December 1997. She was the first victim who spoke out to the world about the history of Japanese “comfort women.”

music: “Good Soldiers Don’t Cry” Composed by Wesley K.


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