Video Marketing especially on YouTube, is not only an effective form of media marketing, it’s also accessible to everyone.

For sixty seven years Television has been the king of the marketing world, but in five short years online video has usurped it’s rule.

Television was a one way window that poured manufactured content into our living rooms. It was the only screen around, and captivated our attention with manicured messages from mulit-national corporate complexes.

Video has broken televisions hold, and we no longer are limited and have to passively accept piped in content, because now we can create our own. Video Marketing is really about communicating to as many people as possible.

Large corporations put mom and pop out of business with their economies of scale, and million dollar Television ads! In the 21st century, Video Marketing has leveled the playing ground, and now small businesses can go toe to toe with mulit-national companies.

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