video installation ‘BRIDGE’, 2010

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original length (1 loop): 7’00”
A bridge is a powerful and positive metaphor for approach and connectedness. It is the connecting element between two sides, a way to remove barriers formed by depths or wild rivers. But sometimes movement is relative. Sometimes connection is an illusion, and we seem to be perpetually involved in returning processes and trajectories, without aim, meaning or goal.

Energetically and full of determination, a man walks over a bridge, among the busy traffic. The camera follows the walking man in such a manner that he always finds himself exactly in the middle of the frame of the projection screen. The crisp, white screen is slightly sunken into the 1.80m high pedestal. In this way, the pedestal plays a role as a visual element in the image: the man always seems to walk right on top of the pedestal. Traffic and passersby, with bags and mobile phones, all seem to have a destination. But the anonymous protagonists appears to be immobile in his movements.


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