Untold, Night Documentary

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Finally I did it… my first ever… a truly one man band made short movie. My first experience of a new medium called motion pictures. A reflection on a story telling process, mixing motion, sound and time. Especially time. So different from the world of design where l have departed from.

After a fiasco with my first attempt to make a long feature motion, l gave up and decided to go back to basics, to research and see what happens after.

Untold, Night Documentary is my first honest attempt in film making and story telling.

It is a short motion story that happened by itself in front of my eyes with no script in hand, no preconceived ideas of any sort. Just eyes wide opened, and camera rolling.

Therefore, a documotion would better describe the nature of the film nature and of its narrative.

Short film is reflecting a reality I live in now in a tiny street called Soi Se Yay or Tiger Lane here in my second home in Bangkok. It is a specific area in Bangkok, with it’s low level economic life, immigrants from Laos, Mynmar and elsewhere, but it offers a rich social life and interactions.

Thai street, is a Soi where I can again sense real people, despite their poverty, lack of education. The place where l can interact with them despite being a foreigner. We share a smell of being foreigners which brings us together.

Living life in this socially mixed area is a rewarding life. Sharing small joys with people l don’t know at all for good and bad is something I begin to value much more now than all the social life l used to have of so called upper class before. It is one kind of life that l am happily leaving behind me. The life l used to live as a kid was lost once l left my small Lane in Vrtojba, Slovenia. Soi Se Yay seems almost as a reincarnation of all that l was afraid I lost for ever back home in my first home.

That’s how l met Khun Wan, on old crippled lady. Much younger than me she appeared from eternity. Coincidence that occured has not been. Now l know. While filming her it reminded me of my life as a kid, a pleasant reminder of people l cared of. It reflected the bonds we all share somehow, invisibly in time where space does not matter at all.

That’s how l met Khun Wan, on old crippled lady. I did not know her name at that time at all.

I came about her… as she was begging. I keept seeing her, began capturing her in front of 711 shop, while she was sitting there, by the pavement, begging for her small pocket money.

What’s trucked me was the dignity she radiated. Half drunk, half I’ll, yet a person of respect. What caught further my attention were the passing by people, donors giving her small money without looking at her as a disguise. Quite opposite. There was something humble in their act of giving her money, food, drinks…

Yes, she appeared a desperate creature, yet she managed to preserve her human dignity despite of the act of begging and of even being drunk and dirty smelling, tramp like looking creature.

I got my first valuable lesson on Buddhism, values that you can see only if let the silence speak to you. I learned about the unwritten law of compassion, that runs invisible from up to down to the bottom of Thai social scale.

Years latter l realized l had learned that what l did was not just an exercise on filming but l witnessed a story of humbness, Thai way.

What more can one ask for the first filming experience? I don’t know if l will ever filmed a long feature movie. All l know is that l am happy with what l learned with this tiny, short one.

Bojan Maraz, updated Bangkok, 12 May, 2016


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