Apostle Joshua Selman New Sermon 2021 – Powerful Teaching at Cameroon on “Understanding the gospel”
Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon Powerful teaching 2021
Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon 2021
Apostle Joshua Selman messages 2021
Powerful prayers of Apostle Joshua Selman
Koinonia Live
Koinonia Abuja Sunday Service

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►Video original and produced exclusively by Kelfusion tv
►Video footage licence: Pixabay | Pexel
►Software: Adobe After Effect | Adobe Premiere Pro
►Speaker: Apostle Joshua Selman

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ABOUT Eternity Network International (ENI):
ENI is an apostolic ministry committed to replicating the fullness of God’s life on earth. Koinonia is a weekly meeting where believers encounter the holy spirit. ENI is a place where believers experience true intimacy with the Holy Spirit and are en-graced to stand as God’s agent of transformation on earth.
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Kelfusion TV is a Media Platform that shares Apostle Joshua Selman’s Contents as a revival material massively and soul winning for Christ alongside other Anointed Ministers of God.
Our goal is to build a strong and accomplished community.The Main primary objective is to inspire, educate, and motivate viewers to improve their quality of life.
All our work is original and drastically rearranged with unique editing to bring the best from the message. Creative effects are added to highlight certain areas in the message. when there are two or more speakers it is done in a conversational manner meaning they complete each other sentences while staying on topic, intermittent sampling is also applied.

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Our purpose, when making these motivational videos, is to make quality educational motivational videos and share these with our viewers.

1 -This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them)
2-This video is also used for teaching purposes.
3-It is transformative in nature.
4-I ONLY used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

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