Trumptard_audioreactive Trump

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Audioreactive Trump” project is an attempt of creating live facial animation, as well as real-time character animation. The purpose of the project is to create an experimental animated image driven by live sound parameters (the sound triggers a change in the image, eg: The spectrum of sound moves part of the image). So, the character moves only when the sound is on. Ultimately, the artworks are manipulation of live sounds & images, in real time, and they can be presented as a live audiovisual performance.

“Trumptard”: When someone’s stupidity transcends his ignorance. What will happen if we clone Donald Trump? or maybe it’s already happening… What if we were trying to distort Trump’s face, for understanding his thoughts…This project addresses Donald Trump’s ideology. It takes his face or his speeches as a primary input source and finally, creates an interactive artwork in which POTUS is under criticism.

Software: Smode, Ableton Live.
Hardware: Digital & analogue synths

“The artist-maker creates a system with no pre-existing vision of what the outcome will be. The artist then explores the system as new territory and discovers treasures here and there along the way”. Galanter (2016).

“Trumptard” (see whole art work, here: The artwork is an artistic synthesis of audio and image elements, that are semi-automatically produced, in the sense that the result is achieved by both the computer and the artist who sets up the mechanism and dynamically triggers a change. The scope of the project is: Real-time animation and generative images to be influenced by the artist-performer’s interaction through various devices. eg: 3D Depth Camera, VR headset, Analog/Digital Synthesizers & Controllers.


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