Trump's New Favorite Network Is Trying To Poach Fox News Empoloyees

According to reports, the up-and-coming conservative media outlet Newsmax is offering huge salaries to Fox News employees who are willing to jump ship and join their fledgling network. The network has been bolstered in recent months by Trump’s praise for them, but is that enough to actually keep the network above water in the future? Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Newsmax is quickly becoming one of Donald Trump’s favorite News outlets, especially since he can’t completely control every single thing that comes out of Fox News. He’s only getting like 98% positive coverage out of Fox News, and that is not okay for him. So in recent months, he has launched a massive attack on Fox News while heaping praise on networks like Newsmax. And of course the one American News network. Well, according to a report earlier this week from Axios, they spoke to several Fox News employees who say that they have been contacted by Newsmax and Newsmax is attempting to poach these Fox News employees to bring them on over to their network. Now, these are not hosts. As far as we know, these are people who might actually be more important than hosts. These are producers and bookers, the people behind the scenes who actually make the shows what they are.

And in the case of the bookers, people who know people, people who know how to get the guests, if you have ever talk to any Booker from any major network, um, I I’ve been privileged enough to know several that work for MSNBC. I’ve known some that work for Fox News. They know everybody, they’ve got everybody’s phone numbers, email addresses, cell phone numbers. They can get in when they need to get in. They know who to call on the issues, you know, and the host says, we should talk about this thing. The Booker producer, they jump forward and they say, I know, I know who I’ll get them right now. Here’s the thing though newsman doesn’t have. And I hate that I’m even using this word, the credibility, it hurts to say that that Fox News has. And what I mean by that is not that Fox News gives you credible information.

What I mean is that Fox News is a major network. It is the most watched cable News network. That’s credibility. You’re going to get lawmakers willing to go on that program. No problem Newsmax on the other hand, just because you poach away, the people offering them higher salaries. Uh, according to this Axios report doesn’t mean that you’re going to have the same guests willing to go on that network. You know, you’re probably going to get some of the more hardcore Republicans, but I seriously doubt that you’re going to be able to get any Democrats whatsoever. Even some Democrats are willing to go on Fox News and talk to a different audience. Probably not going to happen with Newsmax, you know? Oh, sure. You’re going to be able to get your hardcore conservatives. You’re going to get your mat Gates is and your Jim Jordans, but are you really going to be able to get the high profile Republicans that you want not to mention the fact that once Donald Trump is no longer in power and once his sway, I guess you would call it over his cult subsides a bit, which will happen to a degree.

We don’t know what yet might be minor might be massive, but his sway over the cult of Trump is going to diminish once he leaves office. And so too will the power that he has to tell people, go watch Newsmax. Instead of watching Fox News, Fox News, isn’t going anywhere. Fox News is not dependent upon wealthy backers to keep them going because you know what the problem is with that those wealthy backers don’t live forever. I mean, hell even at Fox News run by Rupert Murdoch, um, his kids aren’t exactly as hard right as he is. So that network could be according to recent reports, looking at some pretty major changes. Once, you know, daddy Murdoch is no longer able to call the shots, but Newsmax is in an even worse position because they’re in the position of once they’re wealthy backers, leave this world, they got to go find others.

And sure, there’s always plenty of wealthy Republicans willing to fund stupid things. As long as they get a return on their investment. If Newsmax isn’t showing these people, they can get a return. Even after poaching, these Fox News employees, it’s going to be hard to stay afloat, not to mention Newsmax is now competing with the one America News network they’re competing with Fox News. There’s going to be an over-saturation of the market. That is basic economics. It’s going to be tough for this network to survive. Even if they poach these Fox News employees, we’ll see what happens.

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