Trump RIPS ‘Gutless’ DeSantis On Covid Vaccines

Donald Trump’s recent pro-vaccination stance has gained traction in the Right, causing One American News Network to confront him on his views. The Majority Report crew discusses how Trump’s pro-vaccine position is in part because of the success of the vaccine, and how he does not mind calling out his copycat, Florida Governor DeSantis, on not wanting to disclose his booster status.

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Emma Vigeland: The Republicans continue to dabble in anti-vaxx misinformation, except for really one I mean, for now, this is the guy that said maybe you should inject bleach into uh into your body maybe you should put a UV light in your lungs, I don’t know maybe that’ll fix Covid…

Matt Lech: This is a relatively pro-vax or pro-good medical information guy, even with all that said compared to most Republicans.

EV: Exactly, because then once the vaccine arrived he wanted to take credit for it, Donald Trump. It sounds crazy but if he runs in 2024 he will be the mo most pro-vaccine legitimate contender for the Republican nomination.

ML: And what’s so good about trump and kind of what’s evident here is he’s not thirsty for the um the fans as much like he has a little bit of disdain right he’s leaving them in the cold…

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