Trump and Clinton: A Hamilton Parody

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A parody of the 2016 Election… in the style of Broadway’s “Hamilton”


How does a TV show host, son of a millionaire
Become a president, evidently losing all his hair,
there’s no precedent for such arrogance on display,
Yet he claims he’s out to make America great.

Perhaps you can’t endure her, the grown up looking baby Gerber
Who had a private server
Appeared in front of jurors
And in the polls it hurt her
Yet today some prefer her
Cause with corruption and these two, who knows who’s gone further

Since ’08 the former first lady started to plot out
A way to sway all the voters to support and get caught up
With her campaign, Her voice was something seasoned and modern
But over time, her demeanor just got all robotic

Then along came Donald, and he began to squabble
about a lot of yuge issues like building a wall up
It polarized people, just like DC and Marvel
And I guess a president needs to weigh in on Rosie O’Donnell

Well, the word got around, they said, this guy is insane, yo
S’he think the President is meant to be an entertainer

She’s got a lot of emails that she ain’t sharing with any ya’ll,

the world’s gotta know their names
And their names are–

Trump and Clinton
That’s the situation that we’re in
And there’s a million names that could have run.
But they’re too late
They’re too late

Secretary, then of state, since ’08, which was rocky
Trump says she lied so much that it just soon became a hobby
And that’s him, Just being all cocky
But was he?
She’ll talk about her plans but not about Benghazi

Well Trump has struggled too, charged with racism and misogyny
But-he blames all those attacks on CNN or else Megyn Kelly
A voice said, “Donald, your tax records are a precedent
You said an audit, they bought it, you know you didn’t pay a cent

And finally Trump and Clinton met
Debating head to head
They’ve gotta defend the things they’ve said
While trying to make each other sweat
The whole debate inflates, you’ll watch it in a stupor
The Grandma android fighting with an angry Oompa Loompa
Crying that it’s rigged and stating everyone is wrong
Smiling all the time like her mouth was plastered on
Her face and shoulders reacted to Trump’s rants
America you choose who will advance

America you choose who will advance (Ugh why me?)
America you choose who will advance (Is there another nominee?)
America you choose who will advance
Where’s Bernie!?

Now it’s Trump or Clinton (Now it’s Trump or Clinton)
And the choice is now up to you (And the choice is now up to you )
In just a few days
They won’t be on every headline (Finally!)
Is it Trump or Clinton (is it Trump or Clinton)
They just call each other names
She called him a donkey
He says the devil is Hillary
It’s hard to turn off the TV, oh

Should she be fined or serve jail time; some would say the latter
And please tell Trump sexual assault is not a joking matter
And though that’s bad the age they act I think is even sadder

He’s not man enough
She’s not tan enough
I hate the media
Good job, America
And me? I’m moving to Canada.

There’s a million names that could’ve run
But it’s too late

So what’s your vote, man!?

Written and Directed by Jordan Stephan

Featuring the Talents of
Folu Oyefeso
Keoni Coleman
Caleb Tessema
Elise Williams
Elizabeth Rodgers
Melanie Morales
Kevin Ellis
Danica Camacho

Instrumental Cover by
Hans Zanger


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