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My senior thesis project for the Corcoran College of Art + Design. On view at the Corcoran Gallery from April 23 – May 22nd.

“If you can’t help somebody, there’s not much use to living,” says Mabel Sawhill who, at 97, continues to help people through her catering business in the Washington, D.C. area. After retiring she began catering to pay for her great-nieces’ schooling and to help her church. Almost 30 years later she caters weddings, monthly clubs, and other private events. Still working, driving, and living independently she continues to defy the stereotypes of aging. When her older sister Eleanor turned 100 years old Mabel flew the 1,000 miles to Iowa to cater her birthday party. Even though many of the residents at Eleanor’s nursing home were young enough to be her children, Mabel took a helping role in the home. Although the sister’s relationship has changed in older age, Mabel lives to make her sister and others in her life happy.


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