These INSANE News Stories Prove America is Out of Control

It has been a crazy past few days with one of the most insane News cycles Glenn has ever seen. But topping the list is a story out of New York City: A school has forced students to stay at home so it can temporarily house illegal immigrants. This, Glenn believes, is a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the country if the Biden administration’s border insanity continues. How does he know? Because he’s seen it firsthand and documented it in the newest Blaze Originals documentary: “The Real Story of Colony Ridge.” Glenn also runs through some other highlights from this crazy News cycle: The SEC has approved Bitcoin EFTs for institutional investing; Chris Christie has dropped out of the race; Bill Belichick has “parted ways” with the New England Patriots; The Red Cross is helping fuel the border invasion; and another shocker for the week: Dr. Fauci has admitted that the 6-foot distancing rule “sort of just appeared” out of nowhere.

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