The Trampery At Home – International Women’s Day Interview w/Lina Navickaite Co-Founder of Smart-Up Visuals

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Day 3 of our interview series for International Women’s Day!

Whilst our locations are closed, we’ve taken our day of celebration virtually, in hopes of increasing knowledge share, spreading positivity & developing connections.

Today, we profile the amazing Lina Navickaite, who is a creative entrepreneur, art director, and design consultant based at The Trampery Republic.

As a co-founder at Smartup Visuals, Lina works as a Project Lead and a design consultant/strategist with her partner. She is also a branding expert, working with early-stage startups and small businesses helping them with their branding and art direction. Her client list ranges from corporates like Ernst and Young, LinkedIn, Accenture, Amazon, to tech and consultancy based business startups all over the world.


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