The Hill of Buddha | One Day from Sapporo, Japan

We are vloging one day in Sapporo, Japan from the locals.

Welcome to One day from Sapporo, Japan! Today I’m off to Takino Cemetery which is home to ‘The Hill of Buddha’ a huge buddha whose head pokes out of a hill in the middle of nowhere! A cemetery may not be the usual thing to put on a travel itinerary but this one is definitely not to be missed. You will also see Moai statues and… stone henge!

0:00 Odori Station
0:50 Makomanai Station
2:05 The Hill of Buddha
4:31 Fortune
5:34 Rotanda Cafe & Store
6:28 Takino Flower Marche
7:06 Stonehenge
8:13 Moai Statue

Makomanai Takino Cemetary

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