the Hill Country Devil ft. Matt Heckler & Anthony Simpkins, "Restaurant Rat," // GemsOnVHS™

And there we were, on a beautiful, chilly day in Tennessee. Paths had crossed and Hayden Karchmer’s cross-country trek to NYC coincided with some time Matt Heckler was spending on interstate 40. We convened at my house in the woods for some good times around the fire. We almost burned down said house. Then, Hayden asked me and Matt to jump on his new song for an impromptu session. Sure, why not? So with the lyrics written down in handwriting fit for a kindergarten class, and the worst attempt at harmonies known to man, we set out for perfection. Many fuck-yeahs were had, and this song was brought to life.

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We have a lot of fun. Find more of Hayden here;

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