The Fabulous Adventure Of Mr Money (2004)

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AKA: Mr Money (for short)
Or: The Diary Of An Entrepreneur

“A gentleman of the old world crash-lands in the midst of the new. Lives are lived and lost, empires rise and fall, battles rage and cash changes hands”

This is the graduating film from my year at RMIT ‘Animation and Interactive’ Media (AIM) course 6 years ago. The films includes the amazing voice of Helmut Bakaitis (The Matrix), and the assistance from the lecturers at AIM I managed to complete something that I’m very satisfied with even after all these years.

It managed to win a few prizes and get into quite a few festivals and generally make me feel like less of a fraud than normal.

• Cordoba Animation Festival (Anima 05)
• Visionfest Student Animation Festival
(Winner: Best 2D animation in the graduate category)
• Blue Plum Animation Festival
(Winner: Best Student Film, Best In Show)
• Zeitgeist International Film Festival
• Vancouver International Digital Festival (VIDFEST)
(Winner: Critic’s Choice Trailblazer Award)
• Snowyfest Film Festival
• Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)
• Rushes Soho Shorts Festival
• Raindance Film Festival
• Hertfordshire international Film Festival (HIFF)
• The ATOM Awards
• Cardiff International Animated Shorts
• Westgarth “Food For Thought” Film Festival
(Awarded: High Commendation)
• Port Shorts Film Festival
• Victorian Student Animation Festival
(Winner: Best Animation)
• Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF)
• Festival BIMINI
• 13th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film


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