Thanks, Feminists! America's Future Is ROTTEN | Guest: Lily Kate | Ep 624

As Democrats continue to align with the feminist movement and melt down over the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned, today’s podcast will digest the meltdown and why is the Left so willing to die on this hill. Lily Kate, host of “Sanity Check,” joins to give the insider’s take on feminism and why is the Left so anti-WOMAN. Is America’s future rotten to the core? Rep. Cori Bush supports the abolishment of the filibuster and the FDA expansion to abortions. Why is the Left wanting to grow government? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls the SCOTUS leaking “judicial insurrection.” Are we going to see more judicial tyranny? Don’t miss a brand-NEW Overtime Friday, as Chad goes into the history of abortions and America’s baby sacrifice. Only via

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