Suzanne Johns on Positioning for Profitability

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Host Susan Hamilton talks with Business 1st Responders Host Suzanne Johns about positioning your business for the highest profitability. Many businesses may not pull out from the Covid lockdowns, but it may not be a total loss. As the economy continues to open back up, those businesses may be great purchase opportunities for someone else. Suzanne has helped 50 people to date become millionaires. In addition to her background in commercial construction and real estate, she’s been helping businesses position themselves for top dollar for decades.

You may not need to – or even be thinking about – selling your business, but Suzanne points out that often people go through a financial crisis and simply decide to pursue something else. Give yourself permission to look at the whole landscape of possibilities.

Watch now to learn how to land large commercial contracts – even when other bidders have lower rates.

Connect with Suzanne Johns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Email her at Dallas Real Estate Investments, or Biz Brokers Dallas, or give her a call 972-639-6396.

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