Successful example of social media in Restaurant & Hospitality

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Social media marketing speaker Jeff Molander discusses one of the best, most successful examples of social media in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. At first glance, Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice campaign looks like a simple coupon campaign. But considering the layers of qualitative value provided to BK and Facebook-using customers this campaign was ground-breaking.

Burger King customers were given incentive to do something they already wanted to do – improve their Facebook experience. Burger King didn’t need to convince anyone to do anything. In fact, the hamburger chain would bonus customers with a free premium sandwich – a Whopper. It was a win-win for customers.

On the flip side, BK was able to use a cutting-edge social network to drive customers into its restaurants. In fact it could track a myriad of business metrics to prove return on investment. It could optimize the campaign to create more profitable outcomes. Coupon redemption, up-sell take rate (“would you like fries and a beverage with that?”), breakage. In fact, actual profit for the campaign was tracked.


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