Street Food Series – Lucky Chip

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Bemoaning the lack of decent french fries in London led Ben Denner to do the only reasonable thing: get a van and do it himself.

Lucky Chip was originally all about hand cut fries and homemade sauces. But the obvious combination of a burger with the fries shone through, eclipsing the original idea and becoming the main event on the menu.

And what burgers they are too.

Meat sourced from the Ginger Pig butcher, with flavours and combinations to blow your socks off. Amongst other things beer soaked onions, fresh pineapple and, intriguingly, beetroot flavoured onion rings.

There is a real attention to detail in the cooking and service too: Ben cooks everything from scratch, right in front of you, with no precooked elements whatsoever, and also lets you know how long it will be when you order. A typical fast food joint this certainly is not.

Here it is quality over anything else and a clear passion for producing the finest product possible.

Lucky Chip is also the first venture for the Living Futures Network, a start up that looks to permaculture to make businesses more sustainable. With food and market stalls as their main focus, the principles of Earth care, People care and Fair share inform the way businesses are set up and run.

Taking a permanent pitch in London Fields, just 2 minutes walk from Broadway, Lucky Chip has just started trading 6 days a week (closed Mondays), with extended opening hours until 10pm Thursday to Sunday, for that late night burger fix.

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