SEO Software: SEO Elite v4.0 – Project 1

Share it with your friends Like In this video, I demonstrate the capabilities of SEO Elite (4.0) Project 1: Analyzing backlinks. This module allows you to analyze the backlinks pointing at any website in detail. As I’m sure you know, the amount, distribution, PR and anchor text of backlinks is one of the important factors that determines the ranking of a page in Google search results. SEO Elite’s Project 1 gives you details about all the pages where the backlinks are placed, the PR of those pages, the anchor texts of all the backlinks and much more. You can even check the domain age for each of the pages and there is a very detailed and customizable keyword density analysis. The greatest benefit from all this is how it allows you to check out a new market or niche before you even decide whether to get into it or not. The data gathered by SEO Elite helps you get a pretty clear picture of what it will take for your website to get good ranking for any given keyword. And on top of that, the software does in a few minutes what would take hours upon hours to do manually. As you can tell, I’m really liking this feature in SEO Elite. Check out my other videos to see what I have to say about the other features.


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