This is the first in a series of videos about the search engine optimization tool “SEO Elite” by Bryxensoft (Brad Callen’s company). I am going to be publishing a large review of this software on RichQuickReview, but before that, I want to introduce each of the features of SEO Elite in videos, so you can get an idea of how it works. The version of SEO Elite, that I am testing is 4.0, the most current build available at the time of making the video (December 09). SEO Elite covers 8 different modules or “Projects” as they are called, and in this overview video, I introduce each one of these projects: 1. Analzye Backlinks 2. Find Linking Partners 3. Allinanchor, allintitle and allintext search 4. Verify and Track Backlinks 5. Website Rank Tracking Tool 6. Check Webpage Indexation (Google, Yahoo and Bing) 7. Find Authority (High PR) Sites in Your Niche 8. Submit Articles to Many Directories Following this overview, I will introduce each of the projects in separate videos, so stay tuned!

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