SBYWH-InMotion-Install FileZilla

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In this lesson, you’ll learn how to setup an FTP system, how to configure your file structure and how to synchronize your local files with your website. This lesson assumes that you’ve already completed 1 – 3 of this series, as this lesson requires a hosting account with InMotion.

Ok, let’s go ahead and get started. In the first part of this lesson, we need to download and install Filezilla. So in order to find that, you can go to our website,, hover your mouse over video tutorials and select “Start Building Your Website Here”. Scroll down a bit and select Lessons 1-4 for InMotion Hosting, when you get to this page, scroll down and select “Lesson 4 – Setup your FTP System”

Now it brings you to this page and on the right hand corner, under Lesson 4 Resources, you can find the link Download Filezilla, click on that and it will bring up the Go to the quick download links and download the “FileZilla Client All Platforms” and because we’re working on windows, we use the recommended Windows FileZilla. Click “Yes” in the security question.

And then we click here to download manually. When you do that, it gives you the opportunity to save it where you want to save it. We’ll save it to our desktop. Ok, we don’t have to open the folder, we just go ahead and click “run”. This is the licensing agreement, that you agree to. Click install…next select “anyone who uses the computer”

Go ahead and install everything, click next then install. Then click finish, to install Filezilla now.

Now what you have here is the FileZilla application window which we’ll be working on in subsequent parts of this lesson. This concludes the first part Lesson 4. In the second part of the lesson, we will create a local file structure and configure FileZilla to connect to your domain.


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