MISSOULA- The royal wedding is nearing and Missoula is not missing out on the celebration and we found several British citizens who were willing to share their opinions and plans for Will and Kate’s big wedding.

For all you Americans, Friday is a perfect excuse to use a fake British accent and break out the cucumber sandwiches. As wedding fever strikes, the Montana’s News Station’s Alex Schwier went out and found a few fellow British citizens preparing for the event.

“I’ve invited my friends round, a small group of them and we’re going to have scones and jam and cucumber sandwiched without the crusts,”Megan Thompson, who hails from Kent said.

But not all the Brits in Montana are quite as excited. Tim Sainsbury from North Yorkshire is planning on staying in bed, even after a plea to watch the wedding from his mother.

“She said, ‘I hope you get up and watch it, you have to do everything for your country’ and I was like, ‘Whatever, I’m going to stay in bed.'”

But others are skipping out on the wedding for more reasons than catching a couple extra Z’s.

“Others think the money could probably be better spent elsewhere. I’ve heard like $12 million, which given the cuts in the UK at the moment is quite a big figure,” commented Thompson.

And not all spectators in at the wedding are there in support Will and Kate.

“My sister at home is going up to London, she wants to see the procession but her boyfriend is actually going up to protest,” Thompson said.

For those like Thompson’s sister, the royal wedding creates a lifelong memory and for others the wedding is a time to reminisce.

“The older generation will remember the last wedding and I think that will bring back memories for them of Princess Diana and Charles where as for the younger generation, this is going to be the first one I’m going to remember.”

If you plan on watching the wedding, CBS coverage begins at 2 a.m. Friday on Montana’s News Station. For her part, Alex is going to miss the big day. She plans on watching the royal wedding with her mum in Bozeman.

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