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This is a prophetic poem written by my wife Kate on 11th November 2020. It was subsequently set to music, by composer Tim Finch. I added the video element a short time later.

It was made public on 11th December 2020.


“In the early morning of 11th November the Lord gave me a prophetic poem in three parts. This is the final part. The resonance of this poem was so great in my own spirit that I was in awe of what I had received.

I shared it with my husband and a few discerning and trusted friends. One of those friends is a prophetically gifted musician. He surprised me with a rhythmic and musical setting to my audio track. Both I and my husband were very moved by it.

I sought the Lord on its release. I had a dream which was hazy but 11th December stood out. I wanted to be totally obedient to the Lord with His timing for His Word.

Our dear friend with the gift of music is Tim Finch who also lives in the UK. This Word seems to be very special for the USA at this time but it is bigger, too. We serve and worship a Mighty God”.

For Tim Finch’s back-story, visit his blog:
Royal Justice


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