When Dean Spaccavento and his friend Lachlan Blackhall caught up for a coffee in Sydney in late 2010, they had no idea they were about to hatch an idea that would change their lives forever.

Drawing on their combined knowledge, Dean and Lachlan created a control device that helps home and business owners make the most of their solar, while saving money on power bills and helping the environment. The intelligent controller works by constantly telling the battery when to charge and discharge and to what level – offering energy back to the grid when it’s needed most, and making the electricity system cheaper, cleaner and more reliable.

The duo started Reposit Power in 2012, but soon found that attracting support and staff was too difficult in Sydney. Having both lived in Canberra in their younger years, and seeing the potential for the business and a better quality of life, Dean and Lachlan decided to relocate.

Dean says they have received strong support from the government, found great talent at local universities, and benefited from Canberra’s close-knit business network. “We’ve raised money in Canberra. We’ve won a couple of awards. It’s worked very well for us to be in a smaller city with all the amenities of a bigger city.”

For those looking to start a business in the Canberra region, Dean recommends getting involved with the local network as early as possible. He says that individuals and organisations in Canberra – including the ACT Government – are attracted to working with people who have a good idea, are willing to put in the effort, and are doing it for the right reasons.

For more information, visit Reposit Power at https://repositpower.com/

You can learn more about living and working in Canberra at www.canberra.com.au and visiting the region at www.visitcanberra.com.au.

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