Projection refers to people accusing someone else of the things that they’re guilty of. Generally, people project their sins onto other people to make themselves feel less guilty. Jesus famously condemned this behavior in Matthew 7:1-5. Well, the deep state has been projecting a lot the past several years.

America’s political class, the mainstream media and career bureaucrats pushed the Russian collusion hoax, the debunked conspiracy theory that President Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton. In reality, it was Clinton who was guilty of Russian collusion. In 2010, Clinton sold 20 percent of America’s domestic uranium supply to Russia in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation. It’s known as the Uranium One scandal. The Russian collusion hoax distracted from Clinton’s criminal collusion with Russia.

In 2019, Trump was impeached because he asked Ukraine’s new president about investigating the Biden family’s corruption in Ukraine. Joe Biden used his position as vice president to enrich himself. He famously bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. He threatened to withhold US aid to Ukraine unless the investigation into his family’s corruption stopped. After Trump mentioned reopening the case, he was impeached. That’s right, Trump was impeached for Biden’s crimes.

Now, President Trump is refusing to concede the 2020 election because there was obvious vote fraud. The deep state is attacking Trump, but since they never accepted the results of 2016, why should he accept the results of 2020? They spent Trump’s first term trying to cover up their crimes. They will spend Trump’s second term being prosecuted for the cover-ups and the crimes.

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