Profit Litmus Test | Coffee with Blair #1

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Welcome to the first day in the 30-Day Profit Challenge!

For the next 30 days, Blair will take you through his Profit Litmus Test framework to explore the ways to generate true profit for your ecommerce business.

In this first lesson, Blair introduces you to the four key pillars of the Profit Litmus Test framework:
1️⃣ Product Margin considers pricing, cost of goods sold, average order value, units per order
2️⃣ Order Margin considers shipping, returns, discounts and payment processing charges
3️⃣ Customer Margin considers paid vs organic traffic, new vs returning customers
4️⃣ Conversion Margin considers the ecommerce conversion funnel from traffic to orders


Blair de Jong is an engineer turned marketer who helps direct-to-consumer brands make commerce connections. Since 2005, he’s launched online stores, ran multimillion advertising budgets and used analytics to drive smart decisions.

He’s worked with multinational brands like ATCO, Getty Images, iStockphoto, NETELLER and TELUS, plus emerging entrepreneurs selling consumer goods online.

No matter what Blair is doing for his clients, his goal is always the same: to teach them to fish, rather than to fish for them. He created the #CoffeeWithBlair show, an ecommerce advice and Q&A show online.

If you’re bringing him a coffee ☕️, he’ll take a grande black Americano.


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