Patriot Academy – A New Generation

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Patriot Academy is an intensive mock legislative session for 16-25 year olds, taking place at State Capitols across America. It isn’t a camp for would-be-politicians or debate enthusiasts. It’s a youth leadership bootcamp with a Biblical Worldview foundation taking place in the leadership laboratory of the legislature. It’s a place where words like faith, family, and freedom aren’t just words or mere political rhetoric; they are the driving force and purpose of the program.
Patriot Academy takes servant leaders on an intensive journey to learn skills of communication, rapport, and team building, as well as the mechanics of campaigning, lobbying, and a complete legislative session.
Adults can now participate through the ‘Patriot Academy Citizen Track program, which teaches adults (and family members too young to attend as legislators) how to lobby, how to analyze legislation, how to think biblically about our founding documents, and how to get actively and effectively involved on the local, state, and federal levels of government. It’s an all-in-one kickstart meets kick-in-the-pants for people who know we need to take responsibility for our failing leadership and constant regression to socialism, but don’t know the first steps. It’s also a tremendous opportunity to meet active elected officials serving in the Capitol, and to meet fellow patriots.
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