Part II: Mysterious Death of Kevin Samuels | 'Biden Black' a True Detriment to Black People | Ep 204

In the second of a two-part series, Jason examines the impact of popular YouTube creator Kevin Samuels, the dapper and blunt relationship guru who died Thursday morning inside his Atlanta apartment at age 56. Samuels attracted a massive YouTube and Instagram following dishing harsh dating advice primarily to black women. Jason considered Samuels the “king of the manosphere,” the collection of male content creators who support patriarchal values and oppose the feminist movement. In Monday’s Part II, Jason talks with Hotep Jesus about the legacy Samuels left behind and whether or not there is something shady about his death. “Fearless” contributor Delano Squires joins the show to discuss Kevin Samuels promoting a healthy conversation for black people and how Joe Biden’s “Biden Blackness” is a detriment to today’s society.

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