Imagine making 5% to 50% on your money…and that’s the downside! The upside? You could own a home for pennies on the dollar to rent out, resell or even live in. That’s the Tax Sales [More]
The third of three segments about Congressman Arthur Ravenel, Jr. We learn how his ancestors came here from France, his fight to develop programs that allowed retarded and handicapped children to stay at home instead [More]
Four teenagers, running away from home, are lost in the middle of nowhere. Jin-il, Ga-young, Bong-gil, and Min-kyung are teenage runaways who live together as a family. Jin-il is the leader of the group, earning [More]
Social media is becoming part of every marketer’s toolkit, but is your international marketing being left behind? The Web gives every customer a printing press that competes with yours, but are you reading what they [More]
Here’s an archive of a FREE Workshop on the Number One Mistake made in social media marketing in our industry, and EVERYONE is doing it. This is from a course we taught at NAMM U [More]
Drew Solberger, Socialware’s Lead Generation Manager, joins Mike Langford for a discussion on the importance of email in today’s social media powered world. See the full show notes at
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Full HD video created with the software raytracer (upgraded to a new quad core, and had to test this program with 4 threads 🙂