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The Americas is a diverse place. Here you can find jungle villages, rustic towns, beautiful beaches, gated communities, and global cities.

Tribal people live in hard-to-reach places, but many are moving to live in the cities where there are more opportunities.

Even though American peoples are hard workers, many earn little money and live in poverty. It’s common to find multiple generations living together and depending on one another for survival. Here most people are family-oriented, and relatives take time to help and listen to each other.

For some families that are wealthy, guards, gates, exclusive clubs and high-pressure jobs often keep them from hearing the gospel.

Catholicism is the major religion – though it’s often mixed with animistic beliefs.

Even with their rich heritage of missions, the Americas are home to more than 550 million people living without Jesus. For every healthy church, a dozen more preach bad theology, depend on foreigners, and are not involved any kind of mission work.

It is often challenging to reach American peoples with the truth of the gospel.

There are more than 300 unreached people groups, tribes in remote locations, gated communities, limited access to people, an abundance of adultery and alcoholism, an emphasis on the prosperity gospel and cultural Christianity.

By taking on these physical and spiritual barriers, we can engage the American peoples with the gospel.

We develop strategic partners, make disciples, form leaders, empower churches and mobilize Latino missionaries.

Come join us to equip the church to proclaim the Good News to the American peoples and beyond.


“Favela Fellas” by Henry Obree Parsley [PRS], Louis Edwards [PRS], ZFC Music [SESAC]

“Nature is Calling” by Immersive Music


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