NEW YORK SNIP299 – Jenifer

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I made a repair yesterday in my city apartment. I’m not implying that I have a country apartment. I do not. I do not have the finances to make that possible of having two homes, a work home and a ‘kick back’ home and let another side of my instincts rule or deny rules by contrast to my normal life style. Style. That’s hardly the word to describe the rules & regulations, the nearly iron-clad structure on which the seconds minutes and hours of my ‘normal’ day is commandeered which, in my worst states of mind, depressed and disillusioned, I call my prison. [My timer is chiming 9 min for the brewing of my day’s quart of green tea, 1 liter, 32 oz. To the kitchen.]
In my better states, I think I generally do not praise it and do not present it enthusiastically to others, or to you, as being the physiologically and intellectually superb life structure of habits that allow me to sail through life overcoming obstacles and generally succeeding in keeping the lights on in my brain, my organs humming efficiently, and filling my days with friendships, romance and kudos. Rainbows and tinted glasses. However, in a sober final reality check listing, I am more than halfway, hm hm (clearing a skeptical throat), giving myself a C+ or B on a scale of survival skills. There are fault lines to be sure. I am solitary. I do have family but they seem far removed from the daily grind of the wheels I must turn to make my structure hold together. They help though in indefinable ways and one definite way, money. I do have one or two friends. They are grounding and rated positive by me.
I’m seated on the proverbial kneeling chair at my computer station. When I turn to my left as I do now, I bear witness to that repair. It feels very satisfying and resonates from or to the depths of that structure I label my survival skills. Now that the unreferenced ginseng brew is finished, it’s time for a little of the green that has been up to now softening six or so dried goji berries. Do you think my eyes may start slanting soon? New York’s Chinatown had been my haunt for various foods for many decades; these days I go every three months to stock up on loose tea of two varieties, ginseng, goji, bok choy, watercress, dates & figs, Japanese buckwheat soba and Korean seaweed. Asia. Yoga. Stoic. Acupuncture. Ancient wisdom. My GP, general practitioner is Indian. I don’t see him, knock on wood, more than once every six months.
Yes, unquestionably one of the cornerstones of my survival structure is my being Vegan. Persistent exercise routines is another. I’m a medium exerciser, just five hours a week, but fanatically dedicated. Not counting biking for most traveling within Manhattan. No excuses except injury, and even that requires me immediately to seek alternatives during recovery. That is one of biggest fears – small injuries that escalate by abuse or bad judgement to disability. Yum, good goji. I love my new used bike, six months old, six years prior user, a hybrid with silver frame and blue replaced front fork; and I love my inversion table that is a small 8 minute anchor in my morning routine. Is there any chance, without paying extra-weight charges, to take my bike and table with me across the River Styx? Hah hah, it must be quite a consolation to be Christian believer in an after-life, a real non metaphoric heaven! A very shaky ground. No wonder they don’t mix well with nonbelievers. They stick together to not have their faith challenged. I do envy them. No wonder they will do anything to keep the status quo, to keep from having changes tumble that fragile belief. And that is impossible to disprove.


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