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When you study abroad, would you miss something from your home town? If someone is flying from your home town to the place you located. Have you ever wished him / her to bring something for you?

On the other hand, when people go abroad, some people reserve room for bring souvenirs .How might they use the spaces in their suitcase to earn some money and help people? Make a friend who lives abroad and experiences the local life. It is a win-win situation. But how?

Service scenario video:
Barney is Taiwanese and he studies in New York. He always misses the local goods in Taiwan.
However, sending these inexpensive stuffs by international courier companies is not economic. If you send it by Post, it is slow, hard to track, and it’s risky to get lost.
In the meanwhile, Ted, a student in Taiwan, is going to New York. It is his first time to travel in New York. He really wants someone who can show him this city.
Liberpost is a new service for you to builds a friendship bridge. Student studying abroad can get the goods from Taiwan. And also make traveler can experience the city in local way.


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