You do business on the web.

The internet is your business.

Want to do more business.

get, more repeat traffic.

more revenue? While building your

site’s brand and improving user

Generating traffic to your site is expensive .
and the real estate on your site is limited and valuable ,

The solution?

The MITCH Browser App .

your own, branded, customized,

user-friendly browser app!

It’s always on the user’s browser–no matter
where they are on the internet!

It allows direct browser auto-login
to your users’ account.
constant access to key web content and

real-time notifications, plus links to

popular sites and data feeds.

It’s a better way to make money
from your traffic-because you get paid
for every user search, from the home

page and the browser.

Plus sell links and banners on

your browser app, freeing space

on your site!

Mitch is customizable

you control the look and feel,

plus run changes and new versions.

Mitch means start-to-finish,

personal service, quick to respond to

your needs.

Contact Mitch to learn more.

start using your own browser app.

and watch your web business grow!

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