Miracle Makeover is a satirical but chillingly mundane reality TV program. Come on an emotional journey with Elizabeth who lost her husband to cancer but finds the will to live again when she wins the Miracle home Makeover on network TV. Brought to you by The Debt Economy.

MAKEOVER WINNER – Elizabeth Mccoll
WINNER’S FAMILY – Verity East & Michael McCormack

DEVISED & DIRECTED BY – Sarah-Jane Woulahan
CAMERA – Tania Lambert
CAMERA ASST – Thomas Formosa-Doyle
SOUND – Andy Newton
HAIR & MAKE-UP – Selena Pretzel
EDITED BY – Sarah-Jane Woulahan
PRODUCED BY – Steve Jablonski & Sarah-Jane Woulahan

The video was shot on location in a Cranbourne show home on outer South-Eastern suburbs. I devised and directed an extended improvisation between our four cast members following the familiar story structure of a transformation reality TV shows. Tottie Goldsmith plays herself as the host of the program. The visual style, production values, tone and use of emotional manipulation makes it indistinguishable from the hundreds of lifestyle reality programming. In researching I was particularly drawn to Extreme Makeover – Home Edition which play out as therapy sessions with a traumatized everyman. The transformation genre draws massive and loyal audiences and is the biggest money spinners in broadcasting. The Voice, Masterchef, The Block, The Biggest Loser all feed off desire for authentic experiences and a fresh opportunity at life.

I’m specifically interested in how commercial programming creates a link between emotional catharsis and consumption – you’ll find freedom, be more yourself, be a better you if you buy more things.

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