Midterm Election Roundup with Laura Loomer | Carla & Co. | Ep6

NEW RIGHT NETWORK Presents… Carla & Co. with Carla D’Addesi airs weekly on New Right Network https://www.newrightnetwork.com. Sponsored by Culture Of Life 1972: Fashion for LIFE https://col1972.com. Some shows are co-hosted with Laura Loomer, and re-broadcasted from 1180am WFYL FOX News Affiliate.

This week on Carla & Co.: Carla D’Addesi and Laura Loomer talk the midterm elections, the conservative wins and the implications of the Democrats.

Carla D’Addesi is a wife, mom, author, FOX affiliate radio host and candid political commentator. Director of Defend My Privacy, the largest grassroots movement in her state, Carla is often on FOX & Friends, One American News Network and Christian Broadcasting Network to share truth, logic and common sense. She is an activist mommy! She authored the children’s book series “Julia Learns” which teaches love of country, family and life! When Carla is not writing or doing interviews, she can be found cooking and playing tennis with her family.

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