This book has a difference in comparison to other books on cinema. With the help of digital technology, Making Movie Without Money shares with you all information necessary in order for you to make movies of quality comparable to professional works by utilizing practical and aesthetic solutions. So, how will that happen? How come is it possible to spend almost no money and still make a movie of professional quality, shoot short films and create footages? To answer this question, this book goes through the true definition of cinema, which is ‘recreating a world built on elements of the real world and delivering it to the audience using specific recording technologies’! In line with this definition, you will soon realize that putting your ideas on paper by following the correct methods, making preparations, using your camera, maximizing the use of light -the most previous gift of the universe and the most significant factor of cinema-, having sound command on editing and other relevant processes and sharing your movie with the audience, most importantly, are not actually dependent on money. Another aspect of this book is that it will be gradually presenting information without going down to engineering level or exposing you to excess knowledge. Instead, it will be presenting both technically and aesthetically relevant information on making a movie in a continuous manner. Making Movie Without Money, the first part of the Pixels Are Free series, will accompany you throughout the entire movie making process, from coming up with an idea to responding to criticism at festivals. Not to mention, that all fine details of DSLR camera use are included as well. Chapters: What is the Language of Cinema?, Applying Ideas on Paper, Art Direction, Knowing the Camera: HDSLR, Cinematographic Language, Setting the View, Optical Language of Lenses, Placement in Scene, Shooting, Continuity, Sound, Acting, DSLR Solutions, Editing-Post Production, Obtaining a Hardcopy, Receiving Criticism.

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