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How to make $600,000.00 a year, legally, no education required. You want t help people but where do you start?
Good question.
Become a Minister. There are hundreds of seminaries if you choose to go to one, but it’s not necessary.
As for sermons? They are thousands that are FREE on the Internet. Simply go, search,
download and use. All Free. No work required and your audience will gain the benefit.
Pick a Christian religion. Give yourself a powerful name. It’s easier that way.
Your audience can be found everywhere.
Be enthusiastic, encouraging, engaging and use your imagination.
Your only limit is your own conscience.
Your salary?
Well, get just 100 people who make an average income of $60,000 a year and convince them to support your ministry by doing what the Bible said. Donate 10% and you are making $600,000.00 a year.
How charismatic are you?
The really good Internet and TV ministers own airplanes, mansions, colleges, diamond mines, sell rehashed books, prayer cloths, overseas account… you name it and the government is very lenient about churches. The marriage between churches and politicians is very strong.
Now you know.


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