MAAWS MADNESS – Arma 3 King of the Hill

Some crazy MAAWS moments! Using the MAAWS with HEAT 75 rockets and the Type 115 with DMS scope in these highlights from a single round of King of the Hill, recorded in 1440p at 60 frames per second in high quality on the C4G US#4 server.

My PC Parts:
GPU (2080 Ti) is discontinued, nearest modern card is:
M2 Drive:
SSD for recording:
Mouse Mat:

Official King of the Hill Web site:
(Go here for links to official King of the Hill Discord, Twitter, Wiki and more)

Luke9K Discord:
Luke9K Twitter:

How to Play King of the Hill:
King of the Hill does not require any mods to play (unless you want to play a modded map or RHS koth). Just type ‘King of the Hill’ in the mission section of the search filter. Infantry only servers will have “INFANTRY ONLY” or possibly “INF” in the server name. Look for servers running the v14 version of King of the Hill, but everyone’s stats were reset for the update to v10. Some servers such as Hostile Takeover have started their own version of koth and there has been no stat wipe on those servers if you can’t deal with the wipe. Just watch out for those servers running xp and money multipliers, you could loose your stats from playing on these servers.


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