Listen To This LONE Locomotive! Fight The Hill With A Loaded Rock Train!!  Loud & Sanding The Rails!

Locomotive Sounds Like A Barge Going Up River With A Heavy Load! Have You Ever Heard This Awesome Sound Of Machinery Versus Gravity?! Best Epic Notch 8 Ever! Includes Horseshoe Curve, Pennsylvania With Norfolk Southern Trains With Double Helpers & Amtrak On The Hill. Mixed Freight & Big Coal Train With Manned Helpers Followed By Amtrak Coming Out Of Altoona. People ask if I go to Horseshoe Curve so here you go.
First we have a short line railroad with a heavy rock train in southern Ohio. This is The Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. Normally they have a couple of locomotives taking the rock train up the hill but this was a shorter train. It was still a challenge for the GP15-1 which only has 4 axles. This is one of the best sounds in railroading. What is better?
I chased the rock train to get both sides of it. We see it at two different railroad crossings in Mt Orab and Williamsburg, Ohio.
The video doesn’t end there. Lately a lot of ppl have asked if I go to Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania to film the Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line. I do just about every June. I had this footage that I never posted so check it out. We have two long NS trains and both of them have a pair of locomotives on the rear. These are manned helper units.
And for the Amtrak lover we have an Amtrak passenger train that just left Altoona on its way to Chicago. It is seen going around the curve. I am planning on going back to the curve in August. Pennsylvania has a lot of places on my list.

Filmed Friday, July 5, 2024 in 1080p with 60fps. Thanks for watching!
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