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As one of WA’s last family owned and operated restaurants, the Capri and the Pizalle family have been serving old school, homestyle soul food to the community for 65 years. It’s a Fremantle institution, and one of the oldest businesses on the Cappuccino strip. In the kitchen is Christopher Caravella, a fourth generation cook doing everything he can to keep the family tradition and old school spirit of Freo alive. At a time when it seems every week there’s another restaurant closure and rows of empty storefronts in our cities and suburbs, the Capri must be doing something right. As Chris puts it, the restaurant is the heart of the family, and at the heart of every meal they create is love.

Directed by Mel Branson
DOP Duane Orriss
Camera Assist Ricky Gestro & Mahalia Fruin
Produced & Edited by Mel Branson
Online & Grade Duane Orriss
Audio & Sound Design Duane Orriss
Music by Musicbed


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