Lessons from the Lost

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Pastor John Morgan explains that God always has simple ways to explain profound truths, one being the use of object lessons. In Luke 15, there are three examples – sheep, money and children. Each of the items was “lost,” indicating that they were not where they were supposed to be. This brings about a lot of emotion for the participants. But when the items were found, there was great rejoicing. People are like sheep, prone to wander or get lost. It’s easy to lose our way. When the lady lost her silver pieces, or money, there was great concern. God feels the same way about lost sinners. The lost son humbled himself to the fact that he had lost his way and immediately focused on his father who had always shown him unconditional love. We could use the word “saved” when the boy came home. If you can admit that you are lost and in need, that simply means that you do not believe that your life is being lived where God intends. Remember, Jesus came to seek and save those that are lost.


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