Kamala Has Absolute FAIL in Guatemala, but Did Biden Set Her Up? | Ep 245 | Wilkow

Remember when Kamala dropped out of the presidential race? Of course not, because she’s THAT forgettable — but then Biden chose her as his running mate and now she’s VP, and with each day that passes, she proves more and more that she is above her abilities. She’s failing miserably! And who suffers? We do. Wilkow argues it’s not just her fault, though. Is Biden setting her up? Look no further than the embarrassing Guatemala trip. Then, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) joins to talk about her recent trip to the border and why it’s unthinkable that our “border czar” hasn’t visited yet. Plus, the lead singer of “All That Remains,” Phil Lamonte, has a lot to say about CMT’s recent “woke,” anti-2A strategy and why that might have been the most alienating thing to do … ever. Do they know who their audience is at all? WATCH more Wilkow: https://blazetv.com/wilkow

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