Inspire Show with Sarah McCrum

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Listen to my interview with Sarah McCrum – author and coach who specializes in working with gamechangers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. She also runs a program called The Consciousness of Money that helps people transform their relationship with money. She’s author of two books: Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out. I spoke to Sarah from her home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. According to Sarah, the creative spirit is in all of us calling us beyond ourselves, our families, businesses and small communities to a broader community to make the world a better place. This is the gamechanger journey. She discusses the three stages of the gamechanger journey (Self Awareness, Self Mastery and Self Expression) and the challenges (ex. health, financial, family, etc.) at each stage. These challenges may feel like distractions from our greater mission, but actually by facing and integrating them into our lives turns us into gamechangers. Sarah also explains the consciousness of money and how it plays an integral role in our gamechanger journey. We conclude our interview with a discussion around the Myths of Purpose. Learn More / Connect with Sarah : Learn More about the Inspire Show and other programs to help you live your most inspired life: Contact Lianne Today! Email: Call: 514-825-0732 #biztips #businesscoachingforwomen #careerchange #careergoals #careercoach #careershift #careeralchemy #leadershipcoach #creativelifestyle #dharma #designingtransformation #ikigai #lifecalling #inspiredlife #lifepurpose #lifepurposecoach #lifevision #creativebiz #natureloverforlife #followyourpassion #findyourpath #vocation #womenpreneur


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