InMarket Leads for Automotive Dealerships

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Know Exactly Who is Ready to Buy a Vehicle NOW!

Pro Prospector™ is helping many franchise and independent automotive dealerships to get leads that are InMarket to purchase vehicle right now. We are providing leads with a 100% sales match accountability to to our dealerships that are actively buying online advertising and media to drive traffic their website(s) and have the ability to capture and convert leads to sales.

We find the needle(s) in the haystack to help automotive dealerships to find the top 3% of people that are ready to make a purchase. This is a demand generation that is analyzing the buying phases of a automotive dealerships’s target market. By weeding out the other 97% of the market that is not ready to purchase right now, we reduce a dealership’s online advertising and media spend 50% to 75% per month.

We track that prediction by using our smart pixel on business’s or corporation’s website and onboarding sales in a closed loop analysis… this perpetual feedback loop enables us to continuously recalibrate our front end targeting algorithm… this is called auto-optimization. You can’t improve what you don’t measure… so we measure your conversion in order to deliver LASER TARGETED LEADS from the very start. And you OWN these leads PERIOD! Will any of your other lead sources alert you when one of you previous clients or leads is back InMarket again? Don’t you think it is important to prevent the possibility that a past client buys from a competitor, in other words TOTALLY PREVENTING Brand Migration? Well, we alert you the instant your past client is InMarket again… This way you can pick up the phone and give them a call immediately as a former client.

And there’s a HUGE difference in True Behavioral Based Data and Demographic & Psychographic Data… we are giving you real-time InMarket Leads not based on 5 or 6 demographics… but on 50, 100, 1,000 real-time behaviors so that there is no doubt whatsoever, they are buying a car in the next 1-8 weeks.

Rob Smith | Account Executive
Pro Prospector™
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Rob Smith is located in northern Colorado and managing accounts in Colorado and nationwide.

Pro Prospector™
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