In the evening at the mountain plateau Valdresflya in Norway with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
Music: Zero-project – 03 – Twilight poem, Zero-project – 01 – Winter princess, Zero-project – 04 – Moonlight No. 1, by Zero-project
Already having abandoned the Phantom mode in favour for the Naza-M, the flat mountain plateau with several snow covered areas, Valdresflya, situated nearly 1400 meters above sea level, offered some nice opportunities using all the extras in Naza-M, gps,atti,rth with the S1, changed mode in the assistant software, all worked like a dream, the S2 with course lock, home lock, you would not go back to the out of box mode with the Phantom after having changed to Naza-M. Some excellent readings about the Naza-M here:
About Valdresflya:
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+,D3200,kit lens. July 3 2014.
New regulations for flying drones in Norway

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